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Help for all your computer and website problems, PC Pierre!!

- If your computer understands you no longer, then PC Pierre    helps reconnect the communication with your PC.
- If you want a website, then PC Pierre helps you online.
- If your PC is getting slowly, then PC Pierre get your PC on    speed again.
- If your PC is crashed and there is still important    information on it, then PC Pierre seeks all your lost data    (so far as possible).
- If you have bought a Laptop or PC with Spanish Windows    Vista/7, PCPierre can change it in any the language you    want.

Suddenly a Windows 10 icon at the bottom on the right?

(Rollout for Windows 10 upgrade on July 29, 2015)


After you perform an automatic update from Microsoft, you have at the bottom right on the taskbar a Windows 10 Icon. If you click on it you get an offer for a free upgrade for Windows 10. You must enter your Email address and then get more information. Many people think the Windows 10 icon is a virus. Microsoft advertises for a new operating system through the update is strange.

What should we do with this offer. A free new operating system is obviously attractive.
But if the upgrade goes as dramatic as the upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, then it is certainly not advisable. Many computers didn't work any more, after this upgrade was performed. Look on google for "upgrade Windows 8 to 8.1 problems". This provides 35,000,000 search results.


That so often it goes wrong with such an upgrade, is because the users did do all kind of things with their PC. Programs installed and removed, modified drivers, all kinds of viruses and malware that system files have changed or deleted etc. This makes it impossible for Microsoft to oversee how a PC will respond to such a major upgrade.

On July 29, 2015 will this major upgrade to Windows 10 goes on. Microsoft's offer remains valid for one year.
There is still uncertainty about the promise from Microsoft that the free license will remain valid for the 'supported lifetime' of the device.

My advice, for as long as you are happy with your current Windows to continue using it. Take a few months to wait and see how the upgrade goes and you can always opt for the upgrade.

Should you run into problems through this upgrade or if you have other computer problems, PCPierre can always help you.

HELP... Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP

(Supporting stops on 8 April 2014)


You have a computer with Windows XP and you are quite happy with it.
But after April 8, 2014 Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP. No problem for the system Windows XP, because it still works after April 8, 2014, but if you do your banking with Windows XP, there is a problem.
Because if it goes wrong and you have done your banking with Windows XP, your bank (probably ) will not give you a refund of the damages. Banks are capable to see, with what computer system you are doing your internet banking.

So what now?
There is a simple and free solution. Linux is very safe for internet banking.
You can install a virtual linux on your Windows XP system.
Download " Oracle VM virtuel box ", and install a free Linux.
I recommend "Linux Mint 13 Xfce ", because it looks like Windows XP with Firefox and will be having updates until April 2017.
So you can continue to work with Windows XP, but with secure Internet banking.

If you find it too difficult, PCPierre.com can install a virtual linux for you for 25,-.

Download Oracle VM virtual box ( VirtualBox 4.3.8 for Windows hosts )

Download Linux Mint 13 Xfce (This version has the longest support, up to April 2017 )

Download 7-Zip ( You will need to unzip linux mint 13 Xfce )